About William Wanders
I wander. Do you?

MomGet your passport and plane tickets ready! A new adventure in learning awaits you and your child. Launched in December, 2007, William Wanders is a website designed to teach geography to kids through landmarks and culture.

Help your child learn geography in a fun, simple and exciting environment. WilliamWanders.com is a website designed to teach young children about the world in which we live.

The Making of William Wanders
To say that finding geography materials designed for young children is challenging is an understatement. I often found that the material covered had too much wording and did little to stimulate young minds and peak their interest in learning about other countries. I also felt that many of the websites out there claimed to be for kids when in fact the sites were loaded with third party information and advertisements. As a website developer, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I thought about what interests my child when he learns - sights, sounds, colorful images, and the combination of real-world and imaginary. The idea was to bring the focus back to teaching geography in its most simple form, using landmarks and culture to help identify the geography of place. Keeping this is mind I teamed up with teachers and parents to develop this website as an inspiration and foundation for geography education for the youngest of learners, our walking sponges.

Geography for Kids
The William Wander's teaching philosophy involves sparking a child's imagination through adventure and learning. This highly interactive website incorporates maps, photos, music and other tools to engage your child with an interest in learning. Your child will have the opportunity to learn and maybe even teach you about the world in which we live. In addition, it provides a fun, safe and inviting environment on the internet where kids can go at their own pace and parents can begin to share their love of travel with their children. Feel free to take a seat and enjoy your flight around the world with William Wanders and let your journey begin.

Irene Antonoglu
Footprints of the Mind, LLC